Is it time for sustainable regulations in surfing? Wooden surfboards could be a start. Here's a list of the best wooden surfboards available.

WILD IDEA: How Formula One can inspire professional surfing’s sustainable future

With its recent debut in the Tokyo Olympics, professional surfing’s presence on the global scale is no longer radical or taboo, but revered and aspirational.

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Wooden surfboards making a comeback. First photographed image of a surfer in Hawaii in 1890

Full Circle: How Wooden Surfboards are Making a Serious Comeback

I’m listening to a Spotify playlist entitled “Surf Rock Classics” to tap into a little surf history inspiration.

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Free surfing renaissance with a Varuna Twin Pin.

There’s A Renaissance of Free Surfing – What Board Will You Choose?

Lately, Bells Beach has seen a major influx of crowds now that every hipster in Melbourne calls themself a surfer.

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